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  • Co-extruded top to achieve the COF you require.
  • Dimpled sheet is an option to provide load cushioning and increase COF.
  • 15% more cargo per container compered to pallets
  • Uses much less space than pallets for shipping or storing
  • More durable than wood pallets—last far longer
  • Resists moisture and bacteria growth
  • Cleaner and more durable than fiber board
Standard size: 43" x 51" x .020 mil or .025 mil
Length: 120"
Width: 120"
Thickness: 20 mil to 100 mil
Weight: 1.66 lb per square ft at 25 mils thickness (.753 kg per 929 sq cm)
Options: Die cut corners; scored edges

*Performance characteristics vary with application. Nominal specifications are subject to change without notice.